Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have been searching on the internet and noticed that most of the stores online have sales from 40 percent off to 70 percent off. HollisterCo has some great deals. Also be sure to look at GiltGroupe. They have amazing designer clothing for a lower price.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boots and Boots and Boots!

It seems to me that every day when I am out walking on the streets or in a store, I always see Uggs on almost every teenage girl's feet.  Uggs seemed to be all the rage since a few years- more so, last year to this year. I have a pair of Uggs myself, to slip on and go to school, so I wouldn't need to fuss with my other shoes for winter time.  But the problem was,  it's very expensive.   if you go on you will notice most of their shoes and boots are averaged 170 dollars. A cheaper or, I would say, lower priced brand would be bearpaw. If you search for bearpaw on amazon or other search engines and reputable sites, they would have the bearpaw boots for cheaper price.  You wouldn't tell it's not Uggs until you actually read everyone's boot label on the back.

I did a little research.  The bearpaw boots cost about 45 dollars to 80 dollars for the same model and the Uggs priced about 170 dollars.  
Consider: A pair of boots that you have the money to spend for and have your feet living in luxury and knowing it's Uggs, or buy the bearpaws, knowing you didn't dig in your wallet for money and it's equally as soft, but it's not Uggs. Consider. 

Salutations, VivaLaStyles!

First Post!


This is my first attempt to create a blog that expresses my style and how I score good deals.  I will also put what is on trend, and some of my clothing that you could use as examples of how to use style. 

There will be tips, and feel free to ask me for advice- jean sizes, stores, better deals for better prices and more! If the blog is successful I will also add in more details and be sure to spread word!